Short Courses

All short courses are offered through UKZN Extended Learning (UEL). Please visit their website for more information or contact

Approval Process

  1. Please contact UKZN Extended Learning  for financial direction and approval.
  2. Short courses should be developed with the QPA consultant directly responsible for your College.
  3. Follow the steps in the Academic Flow document (see below).
Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Academic Decision Flow Council 5Dec11_1 .docx July 02, 2012 41.98 KB Download
Self-Funded Teaching Programmes Policy .doc October 07, 2011 178.50 KB Download
UKZN short courses template .doc September 30, 2010 138.50 KB Download
HEQC_Framework_Delegated_Functions_Oct2008 Provides definitions and responsibilities for short courses .pdf May 20, 2011 422.43 KB Download

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